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(Rev. 1.3 of 20/05/2015 - Mod. Art 1, 2, 6, 7)

Vespa Club Mantova organizes the 12th Edition of 1000 km Vespistica, under the aegis of Vespa Club d’Italia and Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane (acronym ASI – hereafter MOTO ASI) with the contribution of Vespa World Club, Historical Register V.C.I., and with the collaboration of Vespa World Club, Historic Register VCI, Vespa Club Pederobba, Vespa Club Portogruaro, Vespa Club Trieste, Vespa Club Porcia, Vespa Club Treviso, Vespa Club Montal, Vespa Club Bolzano e Vespa Club Trentino Südtirol.


“1000 km Vespistica” is a turistic event with regularity trials that takes place on public roads, observing the local traffic laws and rules, (hereafter C.d.S.) and reserved to members MOTO ASI with a MOTO ASI card for sport “B1”.


Art. 2 - ROUTE
The route, selected for the landscape and tourist quality, will be open to normal traffic and the participants must strictly follow the local traffic laws and rules.

The Organizing Committee will provide detailed maps of the route, printed in A5 format, and a time card for each participant.

Distance is established in about 1000 km, starting on Friday June 26th and returning on Saturday June 27th always to Mantova in Piazza Sordello.
The arrival / departure times and assigned time trials are individual and reported on the time card of each participant.

The event will include transfer stages and timed trials (10 timing checkpoints (CO) with detections times to the hundredth of second, 4 stamp checks (CT), 3 timing stamp checks (CTO) and secret passage checks (CTS) on the way).

Route is divided into four stages

•    1st stage: Mantova> Trieste about 400 km
•    2nd stage: Trieste > Porcia (PN) about 117 km
•    3rd stage: Porcia (PN)> Neumarkt (BZ) about 309 km

•    4th stage: Neumarkt (BZ) > Mantova about 180 km

It’s also planned an overnight with times neutralization, at Villa Correr - Dolfin in Porcia (PN).

N.B. Participants should provide their own material for the parking of Porcia (sleeping bag, mat, etc.), which travel will be at their own expense. 


The event is open exclusively to all two-wheeled Piaggio vehicles Vespa and Cosa.

Passengers are not allowed.

For insurance reasons, relating to accident coverage of the participants and the Organizing Committee RCT, participation is open only to participants older members of a national Vespa Club affiliated to the Vespa Club of Italy or to an European one, if the participant is foreign.

The Vespa are divided into the following categories:
• 8” wheels
• 9” and 10 " wheels (below “10 wheels)
• automatic

A single overall ranking for Vespa 8” and 10” wheels will be drawn up as a separate general ranking for automatic Vespa.

Replacing the Vespa stated on the registration request will be possible only with a Vespa belonging to the same category.

Display Club banner and the event number is required on the front shield.

In order to be admitted, vehicle must be:
a) in good standing with the local traffic laws and rules
b) covered by public-liability insurance
c) in good standing with the inspection
d) provided with regular documents
e) vehicle must be in optimum efficiency conditions

Participant must be in possession of:
• Valid Vespa Club of Italy or European card.
• Valid MOTO ASI B-1 card
• Valid driver’s license (or any other document required by the traffic laws).

Considering the nature of the event, characterized by a mileage distance and by physical effort needed to support it, the insurer (MOTO ASI) requires to participants to hold the card B1 (practice non-competitive sports activities).
Vespa Club Mantova, on the disposal of the Organizing Committee will support the MOTO ASI membership of the foreign participants; foreign participants must send to Vespa Club Mantova, together with the registration form, a declaration of non-competitive sports fitness issued by a doctor.
Fees and costs (€ 20,00) are to be considered covered by the participants.
The non-membership MOTO ASI-B1 card involves inability to attend the event.

Participant declares, under his responsibility, to enjoy good health and not to be under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol.

Approved helmet and protective clothing must be worn to ensure their own safety.
Starting the competition wearing T-shirt, shorts and slippers is not allowed

The fuel supplies are free all the way long.

It is allowed to transport tanks for refueling provided in compliance with the local traffic laws and rules, containers for oil and everything needed for small repairs (wires, controllers, etc.).

No exceptions will be admitted in violation of articles of the Official Rules; the lack of the requirements will not let to take part to the competition. 


Official timekeepers of the Federazione Italiana Cronometristi will detect times by photocells.

It will not be allowed to any participant to approach to the table of the timekeepers; a stopwatch will be available for the official synchronization of the participants’ chronometers.
All chronometers are allowed as long as they are not sound; synchronizations via cables are not permitted.
N.B. It is participant’s responsibility to have with him/her what is appropriate to the reading of the stopwatch at the evening control of Trieste. 


Enrollment consists of three distinct phases:



Request form, downloaded from official web site of the event www.1000kmvespistica.it in .xsl format, must be filled in by the belonging Vespa Club for all participants depending on own category; then it has to be sent by mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it during the days specified below (differentiated according to the category of membership). 

• for the 8” wheels will be open
from 09,00 of 16/03 to 24,00 of 17/03;

• for the 10” wheels and automatic will remain open
from 09,00 of 18/03 to 24,00 of 20/03;

Vespa Club that has 5 participants in 8” category and 6 ones in 10” category:
For 5 participants belonging 8” category = 1 form with 5 names
For 6 participants belonging 10” category = 1 form with 6 manes

Forms can’t be sent earlier or later than these instructions.

Any entry received after the deadline will be taken into account of the exclusive judgment of the Organizing Committee.

There are NOT other ways to register (fax or else will not be taken into account). 


The Organizing Committee will notify by mail if the request of the applicant Vespa Clubs will be accepted (or in part).

The request to join confirmation is at the exclusive and absolute discretion of the Organizing Committee. 


Together with the confirmation of registration, Organizing Committee will send for mail to requesting Vespa Clubs, a registration form to be returned (by mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) completed together with the bank account.

Will also be sent a “signature card” only for accountability and privacy that must be signed by each of the participants entered, scanned and sent in copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; it will be delivered in original at the time of picking up of the material of the event before departure.

Transfer, for total fees
• individual Euro 260,00
• team Euro 40,00 each one
• any possible guest for dinner Euro 50.00 each
• MOTO ASI B-1 card Euro 20,00 each
will be made in favor of: 



REASON - Registration participants Vespa Club  ....(the name of Vespa Club).............


IBAN: IT13L0312711500000000002358

Transfer charges have to be at the expense of applicant Vespa Club (“TRANSFER OUR”).

With the receipt of transfer, registration form, and card signatures, entry will be deemed accepted.

NOTE: Not to be member of MOTO ASI-B1 involve the prohibition of participation in the event; no exemption will be granted to the above.

The list of registered participants will be published on the official website of the event (www.1000kmvespistica.it)

The individual registration, of which the cost is set in € 260,00 VAT included - invoice will be issued in favor of the Vespa Club, entitles you to:
• Metal plate enameled 1000 km - Nominal
• Diploma - "Patent Audax" 1000 km - Nominal
• Remember Polo 1000 km - Nominal
• Reflective jacket 1000 km - Nominal
• Badge 1000 km
• Embroidery patch 1000 km
• Adhesive 1000 km
• Official event poster
• Equipment event (Maps of the route - Time Card)
• Adhesives for Vespa with number Event
• Photo departure from Mantova
• Gala lunch of Sunday, June 28th, 2015
• 4 rest places along the course
• Prize
• Roadside Assistance
• DVD of the event (which will be given later)

You can enter teams of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 4 participants of the same Vespa Club; mixed teams are not allowed.
For the ranking will be considered the scores of the best 3 classified.
The cost of registration of teams is Euro 40,00 (VAT included).

Teams composition will be communicated by the Vespa Clubs to the Organizing Committee on the registration form.

There will not be other ways to enroll (fax or other will not be taken into account).

Both individual and teams entries will not be accepted on event day. 



Maps, time card and event number will be delivered to the participants at the Event Secretariat in Piazza Sordello (Mantova) that will be open from 7:30am to 9.00am of Friday, June 26th.

Participants that will be in Mantova in the evening of Thursday, June 25th, can pick up event equipment at the Vespa Club Mantova headquarters (Via Allende 31, Mantova) from 5.00pm to 9.00pm. 


After picking up the event equipment, participants will carry the Vespa in the parc fermé (opened from 07,20am to 09,30am of Friday, June 26th ), access to which will be regulated by the Organization staff; the exit of the vehicle will not be allowed without the permission of the Event Director.

The Event Director, designated by Organizing Committee, may decide the exclusion of those vehicles, which could compromise in any way the safety of participants or others, in his opinion, though he is not responsible of the technical verification of the vehicles and their compliance to local traffic laws and rules.
It is recommended a personal vehicle verification for maximum efficiency and functionality. 


Briefing, mandatory for all participants, will be held Friday, June 26th at 09.30am in Piazza Sordello - regardless of the belonging category-. 


There is only one official route of the event, defined by the Organizing Committee which shall not be changed in any way, with alternative ones determined by the participant.

Not to comply with the above, if detected by the Organizing Committee, involve the exclusion from the event.

In order to avoid this, secret stamp checks (CTS) have been provided ad they are signaled on the place; the lack on the time card of related stamp/stamps, involve the exclusion from the event.

The transport of the Vespa with its own means (cars/trucks/vans, etc.) during the event, penalizes the participant with the exclusion from the event. 


Using any electronic device is allowed (navigators, GPS, cell phones, computers, etc.) along the way, in order to "assist" participants in achieving the goals set (CT or CO).

A5 maps and official event track in a suitable format for installation on navigators (.gpx) will be downloadable from the official website www.1000kmvespistica.it. 


Time trial (CO) consist in passing on photocell for the detection of assigned time.

Time trial will be preceded and followed by "No stop zone", subject to all penalties provided.

An imposed time is assigned to the raider for each time trial.
Penalties are calculated separately.

First example:
Imposed time:
Detected time:
20 penalty points

Second example:
Imposed time:
Detected time:
zero penalty points

Third example:
Imposed time:
Detected time:
5 penalty points

Stamp Checks (CT) are stations that are not timed, at which staff affixes stamp on participant’s time card to show the transit.
The lack of this stamp involve the exclusion from the event. 


Arrived at the CTO of Porcia (PN), participants must get the stamp on the time established in the time card; a delay of 30 minutes is granted without accumulating penalty.

Any advance does not involve penalties.

Participants will not leave from the CTO of Porcia (PN) in advance of their assigned time.
The restart delay does not result in any penalty.

Arrived at the CTO of Mantova, participants must get the stamp on the time established in the time card; a delay of 30 minutes is granted without accumulating penalty.
Any advance does not involve penalties. 


The unit of time (UT) chosen for the controls is the hundredth of a second.
For each UT in advance / delay to CO: 1 point
Foot on the ground in No stop and timed area: 50 points

Engine stop in No stop and timed area: 50 points
To go out (even with one wheel) from the track in No stop and timed area: 50 points
Not to wear fluorescent jacket: 500 points
Not to apply the event number on the front shield: 500 points
Not to display the Club banner on the front shield: 500 points 


6.8.1 - DELAY IN CO

Participants that arrive at a CO with a delay within 90 minutes (01:29:59) compared to their assigned times, must go to the Trial Director to affix on his/her time card the stamp and words “delayed transition”; will not perform the test and will continue with a penalty of 2.500 points (500 for each CO not done).
Absence of stamp and/or words “delayed transition” on the time card will be interpreted as no-shows resulting in exclusion from the event.

Participants that arrive at a CO with a delay of more than 90 minutes beyond their assigned times, must go to the Trial Director to return the time card and they have to remove the event number from the vehicle; They will be disqualified, consequent the withdrawal from the manifestation. They will declare the Trial Director if intend use the recovery service (to return to Mantova) or continue without additionals trials and without being able to count - in case of accident and/or mechanical failure - on recovery service.


Behaviors that may generate danger to themselves or others detected by the Event Director, will result in exclusion from the event, not being justified by the spirit of this event.

The concealment of all or part of the identification plate of the vehicle will result in immediate exclusion from the event.

Participant who can’t perform time trial (CO) for reasons attributable to the organization (like failure photocell, obstacles on the CO area, etc.), will go to the Race Director to withdraw a new time card with new times assigned (Time Card “R”). He / She will carry out the time trial in the first time window available as indicated in the Time Card “R” received.
Time Card “R” will be delivered to the next CTO and participant will continue with his /her assigned times, as envisaged in the Time card received at the beginning of the event.


 6.8.2 - DELAY IN CTO

The delay in Porcia departing CTO does not generate penalty.

For Porcia arrival CTO, delay of 30 minutes compared to his/her assigned times, does not generate any penalty. Further delay, will receive 500 penalty points for each additional 30 minutes of delay.

Delay in Porcia arrival CTO does not involve exclusion from the event. This delay, however, does not go to change the scheduled time for the Porcia departing CTO.

For Mantova arrival CTO, delay of 60 minutes compared to his/her assigned time, does not generate any penalty; Further delay, will receive 500 penalty points for each additional half-hour delay until it reaches a maximum of 120 minutes later than assigned time (60 minutes without penalty and 60 minutes with 500 penalty points every half hour).

NB: participant, arriving at Mantova CTO in delay compared to his/her assigned time above 120 minutes, is excluded from the event.


Participant who dropouts the event by choice, is obliged to notify it to the Central Office.

The abandonment of the event for reasons different from failure / incident will not be taken over by “broom wagons” and return to Mantova will be fully at the expense of the participant (recovery of the vehicle / overnight / etc.).

N.B.: Not to report the dropout by choice to Central Office involves a ban on participation in the next edition of “1000 km Vespistica”.

Disqualified participant has a chance to go back to Mantova by availing the service “ broom wagon”. If the participant shows intention to continue the path to the Event Director, no longer in the event, cannot take advantage of any assistance.

6.10 - USE OF RECOVERY VEHICLES (“broom wagons” and recovery van)
The organization ensures the recovery of the failure or damaged vehicles provided that:
• participant is following the route of the event, as required by delivered maps.
• Whether it’s a breakdown or accident and not other causes.
• participant has not been disqualified.

In case of breakdown or accident:
• participant must contact the helpline providing their position and communicating any damage to people or things.
• Participant will alert Police, if appropriate.
• “Broom wagon” and van recovery will intervene in the shortest possible time. 


Vespa Clubs/Groups/participants, who intend to use their own assistance (van / car), must communicate this to the Organizing Committee plate and type of the vehicle; it will be registered and they will receive an adhesive recognition.

Private support vehicles (registered and with adhesive of recognition) can provide assistance of various kinds, but cannot carry Vespa or participant in any way; this will involve the immediate exclusion from the event of the assisted participant.

It is forbidden for any vehicle not registered and without adhesive recognition, to provide assistance to the Vespa and participants all along the route of the event; any vehicle unregistered and without adhesive recognition, which provide assistance along the way, to one or more participants, will cause their exclusion from the event. 


The time card must be returned at the end of the event (after the CTO of Mantova); not to return the time card or return it lately result in exclusion from the event (for example the next day at the gala lunch). 


6.13 - RANKING
Final ranking will be drawn up as follow:

• The winner will be who has scored the fewest penalties in timed trials, added to the other (foot on the ground, stop the engine etc.).
• Times recorded in CO will be considered for the ranking, without waste.
• In case of a tie, will evaluate participants who got the least number of penalties in the first round of first CO; if it persists parity, will evaluate the two additional tests until the third, then will be worth the vehicle most dated, then the age of the oldest participant and as at last, the draw by the Event Director.
• There will be single club teams ranking.
• Automatic Vespa do not fit in club teams, and teams of only Automatic Vespa are not accepted. 


Complaints relating to penalty, penalty path and errors in the drafting of the ranking, must be submitted in writing to the Event Director no later than 30 minutes after the display of the ranking, upon payment of € 100, returned in case of acceptance.

After that time, rankings are considered accepted and the event ended.

Any complaints relating to alleged conduct not in compliance with the spirit of the event (cutting path, using its own resources during the event, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.), properly motivated and photographically proven, upon payment of EUR 100 (returned if accepted) must be submitted in writing to the Event Director no later than midnight of Saturday, June 27th.
Verbal complaints will not be considered, because of the difficulty of verification. 


Art. 7 - AWARDS
• Nominal Patent AUDAX only to participants who finish the event in the assigned time.

• Participants who start the event but not arrived or arrived out of time (including disqualified), will receive a certificate of participation.


  • 1st place: Trophy "Audax 1000 km"
  • 2nd place: Trophy
  • 3rd place: Trophy
  • From 4th place to 25th place: Cup
  • Vespa “faro-basso”: first 5 classified
  • Vespa 10” wheels (no PX): first 5 classified
  •  Vespa 10” wheels PX: first 5 classified
  • Teams: first 3 classified
  • Female: first 3 classified
  • Foreigners: first 3 classified
  • Vespa recorded at Historic Register Vespa: first 3 classified
  • Automatic Vespa: first 3 classified

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make awards or recognitions for special credits.

N.B. Automatic Vespa will have a separate classification not covered in the Audax Trophy.

Vespa Club Mantova, given the historical significance of the event, establish a trophy called "Audax Trophy 1000 km" which will be awarded to the winner in free loan and he himself undertakes to return it to the winner of the next edition of the “Audax” organized by Vespa Club Mantova, that is the only owner with full rights.
If within two years the Vespa Club Mantova does not organize another “Audax” edition, the owner must return the trophy in good condition, without any claim. At the return of the "Audax Trofeo 1000 km" the winner will be awarded with a trophy, that will remain of his property celebrating the victory. 


Each participant, with the registration, declares to have read and accept the rules of the event undertaking to respect scrupulously the regulations.

Participants raises the Vespa Club Mantova (organizer), the Vespa Club of Italy, MOTO ASI and without exceptions, Trial Directors, Event Director, competition judges, owners and managers of the roads traveled, and all the support staff, from any and all damages and inconveniences that may cause to himself or others, or damage to others as a result of its participation before, during and after the event, giving up, both his part and the rights holder (family, cohabiting etc.), of any appeal and any appeal to Authorities not considered in this article. 


Any action of withdrawal submitted within midnight of Sunday, April 5th, will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee and accepted only in case of replacement of the participant.

In any case there is no refund of the amount paid for registration. 


Participants allow the Organizing Committee to have the right to use their name and their own individual image on the event, as well as the law to use the images of the same event. Participant gives his/her consent to the processing of sensitive data necessary for the carrying out of the event., acquired the information provided by the owner of the data pursuant to art. 13 of D.L. 196/2003. 


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change these rules, posting on the official website of the event (www.1000kmvespistica.it) the updated version. 


With the registration all the articles of this Regulation and subsequent updates or modifications means accepted in full.


The Organizing Committee

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it