Historical Photos V.C. Mantova Print

The images were kindly provided by the Honorary President of the Vespa Club Mantova Franco Federici and by the family of Arturo Nardi, who was president of the VCMantova in the fifties.

The pictures are related to the following editions:

• 1953 - Franco Federici in the closed  park and at the start ramp in Viale Rebuffone in Brescia. (3 photos)

• 1954 - This is the archive with more photos, there are images that show Arturo Nardi and Franco Federici on the start ramp of Brescia, in the closed park and in a group with other Vespa drivers  to a service station. (11 photos)

• 1967 – Stage of Mantova edition of 1000 km with arrival and departure from Vicenza. (3 photos)

1953A 1953B 1953C 1954A
1954AA 1954B 1954C 1954D
1954E 1954F 1954G 1954H
1954I 1954L 1967A 1967B


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